Tuesday, June 28, 2011



Go. ^

I know you all probably think I'm crazy for still stressing over calories consumed vs. calories burned while I am recovering, but there is a careful balance I have established here. You see, in the past when I have felt sick or hurt, it has always been my excuse to consume whatever my little heart desired. I justified it as, hey... if my body craves it I MUST need it to get better! Yeah... silly and unrealistic to maintain health.

So, with the help of the darling Mr. Rory O'Neill, I came across this supremely helpful calorie counter, which is conveniently an app on my phone as well! Up until my accident, I had only utilized it through my phone, but now with all this time on my hands, I decided to explore the website. WOW. This thing is legit great. I highly recommend it to anyone with internet access who is serious about what they put into their bodies on a daily basis, and how it effects them. I have set it up to maintain my weight right now, which is right around 124/125 at 5'7''. I know I should not be worried about weight maintenance ATM (at the moment), however by writing down what I eat each day I can make sure I am varying my food sources, eating nutritiously dense food, and timing my meals correctly. Food is the best medicine.

The other cool thing about this app/site is that you can plug in your workouts too, which will calculate how many calories you burn based on your weight, height, and age. You can list your activity level (sedentary, slightly active, active, very active) and what your goals are weekly ( lose a pound a week, lose 2, maintain, gain a pound, etc). Tracking myself during my "sedentary" time will give me a good idea at how my body functions and adapts to my varying activity levels. I'm  excited :)

Though I am listing everything I am consuming, and shooting for right around 1700 cals a day... I'm by no means being super restrictive like I have been. I can't wait to have either a coffee frappe from Peaceful Meadows later... or Pop secret movie theater butter popcorn. Or both. OMG.

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