Thursday, February 24, 2011


I need to get VERY serious about my eating habits. I hate the extra weight I know I can lose easily off of my body. Plus, warmer weather is coming which means Mexico, California, and the dreaded bikini. EEEEE! So enough adding to my "winter layer" gross. Cardio, nine am every morning. Then, 2-3 hours later weight training. Bed needs to be early, my only flexibility will be if I am working late (another area in my life that needs changing). So, tomorrow...

8:15 am- Wake up, 16 oz of water 125mg levothyroxine.

9:00 am- Cardio 45 min

945 am- Veggie shake (spinach grapes spirulina apple) with 3tsp of amino acids added, 16 oz water

12 pm- one level scoop of pre workout 1.m.r., 16 oz water

1220 pm- weight training (shoulders) 16 oz water

200 pm- protein shake (whey protein skim milk ice banana)

300 pm- 2 eggs 1 egg white, diced red onion, spinach leaves, pepperocinis. 16 oz water

445 pm- work...

700 pm- grilled chicken breast, dry salad greens 16 oz water

1230 am- IF hungry, protein shake. (one half scoop of whey, 16 oz of water).

We shall see how this plan works out...