Thursday, June 23, 2011

"And to all my fans...!" rofl.

I'm going to write this the best I can before my pain meds kick in.

Tomorrow is surgery.

The doctors will take me in probably around 9 am-ish, but actual surgery isn't until about 10. The procedure involves them making an incision on the front of my neck, swimming through my little muscles, picking out my teeny bone pieces, and making me a  bionic lady with a new metal bone piece. Oh boy.

So today has been a day of friends and reflecting. I really am very lucky. Lucky to be alive, lucky to have the people in my life that I do, lucky to be where I am. I don't want this to sound like an acceptance speech or anything, but honestly I'm going to do some shout outs.

Mom & Dad- OMG. No words can explain. Seriously, everything I put you through, and all the support you've given eyes are watering at the thought. You are my biggest cheerleaders, my role models, and for you to say "we're so proud of you, you're so brave" rattles me to my core. You have always been THE strongest people I know, and you have set the BEST example for me and Teddy (Teddy and I?). Thank you isn't enough, and it's kinda crappy a near death experience makes you look at things differently but seriously, I'm sorry, thank you, I love you.

Teddy- Stain. Buggah. Wretched being. Seriously, you're great. It's pretty weird, and in my opinion neat, when a younger sibling can be someone the older sibling looks up to. Figuratively of course ;). You're humor is something I envy and admire. And I know we came REALLY close to almost being "twins" (this is gunna sound effed up to any one who doesn't know our humor)...I can't even begin to fathom up the strength you possess daily. How you look at life is inspiring to EVERYONE who meets you. You're someone people always want to be around and that's just so lovely (lovely, Elaine? Here comes the drugs...) But seriously, your facebook posts, and texts, and visit mean a lot. I never say it and rarely act it, but you're probably my favorite person. Ever.

Rory-  You're unbelievable. How happy I get when you come visit, how goofy my grin is when I see you've texted me, I feel like a middle schooler in first time puppy love, even after how long we've been together. You have consistently kept me positive this entire time, and made me excited to recover, eat nutritiously, and come back stronger than ever. Honestly, me blogging all of this was because of the idea you gave me. I couldn't be more grateful for you sitting in my hospital bed for up to ten hours at a time while I nap, groan and squirm, and try to not lose my lunch. Grabbing me ice cream, coloring books, magazines...the list goes on. I can't wait to embark on new, healthy, wonderful adventures with you. I love you for challenging me to be better, to push myself. I just love you a lot Chim.

My Extended family- Nanny and Grampy specifically with all their visits, braving horrific Boston traffic, but also my Uncle Jim H. and Julianne (thanks for the Itunes!), my Little Nanny for her outpouring love, My Uncle Jim S. for the fun visit, The Dodrills, O'Neills, and Van Meter's for the BEAUTIFUL flowers and fun gifts, and everyone who has called  (Carol Dowling, LOVE YOU), texted, facebooked, any kind of outreach. It has helped keep me very positive. I honestly chalk up my lack of pain and bright outlook to everyone's positivity. Energy is a powerful  thing!

Burtons Grill- LOL. You all are a real treat. Specifically Bonnie and Colleen and Cory. You're gifts and surprise visits have been so lovely! I loved my coconut macaroons, sunflowers, and plethora of magazines. I also love everyone's random cat-oriented texts, phone calls, and cards. I haven't been working there for dreadfully long, but I already feel like a part of a family. It's wonderful.

Friends- Darrell. Jason D. Peter. Beth. Catherine & Haley. Balboni. Nick & Bee. If I have forgotten anyone FORGIVE ME, I've been sleeping through most of these personal visits and/or phone calls. But facebook, as much as I want to be against it, was so uplifting. I love EVERYONE who wrote on my wall, messaged me daily, and followed my progress. Thank you for caring.

B&W nurses- You'll never read this, but I just want people who do read this to know the WONDERFUL care I received from nurses I'll remember always. Tanya specifically, but also Jill, Jenna, Amy... you're all very special people. Someone told me at the beginning of all this that "nurses are the servers of the hospital world" so I can relate and appreciate your attention. But you all made me feel so special, and you were very encouraging. Now let's hope my remaining few days are smooth sailing so I don't have to re write this. :]

So pretty much everyone who is awesome, which come to find out is just about EVERYONE in my life; I love you, thank you, you're great etc etc. More blogging to come filled with groggy medicated thought at first, then plans of action in becoming the next Jessica Putnam.

I had to re type that last sentence 4 times....Wheeeeee nighty night.

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